Mastering your foodie Instagram like a pro

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and stopped to wonder why food pics always looks so damn good? We definitely do. The good news is, we can help you take your Instagram game from 0 to 100 with a few super doable tricks. You’ll be on your way to the foodie following you’ve always dreamed of in no time!

Here’s the deal: you know how models say that the perfect shot has everything to do with lighting and angles? Food is no different. While it’s definitely helpful to have a nice expensive camera, your cellphone cam will probably do the trick. Below are a few tips and tricks that you can take care of on the spot, and they’ll go a long way.


Nail the perfect lighting

The most important advice we can give you is to light your shot properly. If you’re outside, make sure you’re not casting any shadows over your food or facing towards the sun. Shooting inside can be tricky. Optimal lighting is near a bright window but out of direct sunlight. Some Insta-foodies use mirrors to reflect the sunlight onto their food; if you’re in a dark restaurant, you’ll have to do your best with brightness settings later on. But in the meantime, be sure that you eliminate as many shadows as possible.


This Margherita Pizza looks much more appealing in bright light.


Find the right angle

Best practice is to take your shot directly above the food, about three feet up. If you want to show the texture of the food, play with different angles up close.


We love the angle and composition of these Brown Banana Pancakes for an up close shot, and these Red Velvet Brownies look extra appealing from above.


Use color to your advantage

The Instagram pages that look the most attractive generally have a theme. This might be because of the type of shot, filter used, or color, but typically it’s a combination of all three. If your thing is healthy foods, try and incorporate bright greens and reds in every shot. If you’re a travel foodie, surround your shots with gorgeous scenery. Having a theme goes a long way; the accounts below really nail this.


We like @thefeedfeed for its good use of composition throughout, and @smoothie_planet‘s great color scheme.


Arrange food to your liking

Not all food comes out of the oven looking photo ready. Take time to rearrange the dish to your liking. You can also add props like a picnic blanket, utensils, and dish ware with character. Set anything nearby off to the side so the focus can remain on the food, and feel free to try a few different shots until you get it right! No great photo shoot ever took only one shot.


Both these Overnight Cinnamon Buns and this lemon blueberry mascarpone tart make great use of kitchen props.


Don’t forget about helpful features

Most phones come loaded with tools to help you take a great photo, so before you tap and shoot, use them to your advantage! Tap the screen before you take a picture for the light to focus where you want it. You should also set the frame to “square” beforehand to avoid an impossible-to-crop dilemma. You can use the grid setting to center your food where you want it, and some phones even have a ‘+’ button that eliminates shaking. Filters are also a great way to fix a bad setting. Be sure not to zoom in, as it will reduce the quality of your photos.

default_7a869764a940e0e1fb23d47858b12a48_183523810 smokey-paloma-cocktail

Master these features and you’ll be taking professional shots in no time, like these Easy Cheesy Mozzarella Sticks and this Smoky Paloma cocktail.


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