We Made Our Own Bob’s Burgers of the Day

It’s really hard not to love Bob’s Burgers. A crazy entrepreneurial family getting into all kinds of shenanigans while running their burger shop and raising three children. Aside from just the humorous plot lines, the creators of the show also add in a wealth of “easter eggs” through out the show. The most prevalent being the burger of the day which you can see written on the chalkboard on the wall. Today I thought it would be fun to create a couple of our own burger du jour.


Dmango Unchained Burger (comes with mango)


The Russian Cheddaration Burger (comes with russian dressing)


50 Shades of Gravy Burger (comes with a side of gravy)


The Push It Burger (comes with salt and pepper)


Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner Burger (comes with baby corn)


I Want To Hold Your Ham Burger (comes with ham)


The Lambshank Redemption Burger (comes with lamb burger)


Race against Thyme Burger (comes with thyme)


Between a Rock and a Chard Place Burger (comes with rainbow chard)


Zero Toleramps Burger (comes with ramps)


The Lord of The Rings Burger (come with onion rings)



 Do you have your own Burger Of The Days ideas? Share your best burger puns in the comment section below!

Necco Ceresani

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  • Jessica on May 13, 2016, 19:53:27

    This is hilarious! No one puts baby in a corner burger is my favorite!!

    Reply to Jessica