Disney Dining – Not Just for Kids

We’ll be blunt: there’s no such thing as outgrowing Disney World. It’s totally true that some people lose interest in the characters, the shows, or even the rides. But, even if you avoid all of that, there’s so much to do for grown up children that you could never cover in just one trip. Culture, food, drinking, concerts. Specifically, food.

Mickey ice cream bars are great, but the quality of food at Disney is so much more than you could imagine. You’ll find real food from different cultures, bite-sized food and drink stops for a taste of something exquisite, and treats central to your favorite stories. You can be sure that the presentation will always be Instagram worthy, and the flavor beyond description.

Epcot is home to “The World Showcase”, or 11 pavilions to recognize and appreciate different countries around the world, including but not limited to: Mexico, Norway, Japan, Italy, and Canada. These pavilions are in part funded by the countries they represent to help enhance cultural understanding. In other words, every single person that works there is from the country of origin and the food and merchandise is authentic. This is a truly enriching experience that is most likely better appreciated by adults.



Fresh Salmon at Les Chefs de France



A Chinese beer at Nine Dragons



Real, fresh margherita pizza in Italy


Epcot also holds festivals year round. In the spring, it’s the Flower and Garden Festival. In the fall; the food and wine festival. Both are all you can eat occasions. Pick up a passport and try something unique in each country. Bonus: during Oktoberfest, you can try a beer specific to each country! Maybe make that last part a two-day task.


Bellini’s in Italy


It would be completely reasonable to assume that restaurants like the Magic Kingdom’s “Be Our Guest” are more about the resemblance to the movie than the food. But even though the castle where you eat is magnificent beyond compare, the food is just as rich. This restaurant serves authentic French cuisine and other foods in reference to the song – like “the gray stuff” – a brownie pastry topped with buttercream. They do mean it when they say it’s delicious.



“The Grey Stuff”


Every other venue puts exceptional detail into their food and makes visiting Disney a genuinely worthwhile trip for all foodies of any age.



The most beautiful presentation of lox, probably ever


Have you been to Walt Disney World? Tell us your favorite place to eat below!

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