Food Feature: Thai Iced Tea

Much different from the traditional American brew, Thai iced tea is something completely unique yet familiar in taste. Its creamy and almost spicy flavors are original to Southeast Asia but also many American Thai restaurants as well. Imagine a spiced iced latte from a coffee shop – except swap out the coffee for tea. That’s what this is like, only better. Nothing else exists is like Thai ice tea, so you’ll have to try it for yourself.

Traditionally, the drink is brewed from Ceylon Tea and topped with a variety of ingredients like star anise, cinnamon, vanilla, and varying spices of choice. Then, condensed milk is poured on top to give it a nice fade of color as shown. This is a refreshing drink, but definitely sweeter than the iced tea you’re probably expecting.

The drink we described is served as “cha-yen” in Thailand, with a few different variations available. The absence of milk makes it a Dark Thai Tea. Both versions are also served hot, typically in the morning.

With all that being said…we’re major fans. It’s the perfect, unique, refreshing and sweet drink add to your repertoire. You can grab a glass out to lunch with friends, or learn to whip up a brew on your own!


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