Netflix and Chef

Picture yourself on a Friday night after a long week at work; you’re ready for some couch time, accompanied by a delicious dinner (if you may say so yourself) for you and your beau. “What should we watch?” You ask.

It’s entirely up to you, but be cautious – what you eat will totally impact how you feel about your favorite show.

What we mean is, you’d never eat the same thing watching The Walking Dead as you would while watching, say, Chopped, would you? Definitely not. Unless zombies make you salivate…Hannibal.

We’ll help you find the perfect food and drink selections to get cozy with on Netflix night, the Tender Social Food way.

Breaking Bad

We’re assuming you have at least an inkling of what goes on in Breaking Bad, plot-wise. For this meal, we’ve picked something that looks really hard to make. Well okay, not that hard; we’re sure you can do it. But, we’re thinking about all the detail Walter White puts into his…uh…creations, and we think you’d want to do the same. And a Blue Raspberry Cocktail (Get it? Cuz it’s blue.) As Heisenberg would say, “COOK JESSE!”

Dinner: Coconut Curry Mussels

: Blue Raspberry Cocktail


House of Cards

Totally kicking ourselves for not adding this recipe to our Fictional Foods list, this is the only thing you can eat during a House of Cards Binge. Just imagine Frank…excuse us, Mr. President, eating a rack of ribs at Freddy’s except this time you don’t have to just lust after it, you can be right there with him. Paired with a strong red wine.

DinnerCurtis Stone’s Freddy’s Sticky Saucy Barbecued Ribs

: Cabernet Sauvignon




Island food. Are you kidding? Island food is exactly what you don’t want to eat while you watch Lost. Sure, it’s nice to imagine eating food that’s right from the earth and completely natural for a few minutes, but we can also do that while we dig into this creamy bowl of past and a side of beer. We’ll pass on the wild boar tonight, thanks.

Dinner: Asparagus, Goat Cheese, and Lemon Pasta

Drink: Breckenridge Vanilla Porter


Walking Dead

Okay, like we said, you definitely want to keep it as non-meaty as possible for this meal. Nothing red, nothing too hard to chew, basically something that won’t make you confuse what you’re eating with brains. Actually we recommend in general that you don’t take bites while the characters are taking…bites…but we can’t actually enforce that so, just trust us. So we say you go straight for dessert and make a drink that will keep the nausea at bay.

Dinner: Single Serving Chocolate Chip Cake in a Mug

Drink: Gin and Tonic



Orange is the New Black

You can totally have fun with this. We’re assuming that prison food is probably not so delicious, so instead you can make your own delicious version of whatever they might be eating. It’s almost like you’re there! Good thing you’re not, though. Try this spicy beef stir fry and this drink. The drink isn’t actually related to the show, but we liked the name. *girl power*

Dinner: Spicy Beef Stir Fry

Drink: Betsy Ross





Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Break out the big guns, it’s time to make whatever you’d serve if you had a shot at feeding Guy Fieri. What would this look like? Great question! We’re thinking unique, decadent, carb-y. Like this. We mean business.

Dinner: Bratwurst Sandwich with Beer Braised Onions and Beer Cheese Sause

Drink: A Beer of Choice


Parks and Rec

If ever there was a show to binge and snack on, it’s this. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll eat way too much fried food and want to die. But at least it’s homemade fried food so you’ll feel better about it. Note – make this drink in a pitcher so you can share it; Leslie Knope would be proud.

Dinner: Vegan Buffalo Wings, Sweet Potato PuffsJalapeno Popper Dip

Drink: Margaritas by the Pitcher





What do you cook during your favorite show? Let us know below!

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