Your Go-To Cooking Playlist

Any food aficionado will probably attest to the beautiful soundtrack of the stove; sizzling bacon, steaming veggies, boiling pasta. It’s a musical of its own! That’s cool if you’re really into it, but for everyone else, real music while you cook is actually a thing, too.

When I cook, I listen to the classical Spanish guitar pretty much exclusively. I also love cooking Spanish food which is probably not a coincidence. But, I did come to the conclusion that soothing music really does make a difference when I’m tackling a stove, an oven, and a cutting board all at once. Once I tried listening to an “Epic Soundtracks” playlist while I cooked. It was…really stressful and a terrible idea. I did feel epic, though.

We know everyone has their own taste in music, so if Taylor Swift’s entire anthology is a better table-side companion for you, by all means. Our mix has a little bit of everything to keep you in the zone. So, on your to do list for today: pick tonight’s dinner from Tender Social Food, listen below, and comment below to let us know what you think!

P.S. – We’ve got more cooking playlists coming your way, so hang tight if this isn’t your speed. I can already feel a punny playlist ready to post in the near future (American Pie, Strawberry Fields, endless possibilities.)

What are some of your favorite songs to cook to? Let us know below!

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