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Ahhh that beautiful time when your eye slowly open to a young sunny day on the weekend. You decided to take it easy the night before and your prudence has paid off ten fold. It is still before nine and you feel wonderful, productive even. So let’s do something. Let’s do something fun, wait, let’s do something yummy. And so we are off, let’s do some bacon….I mean baking. These are a couple of our favorite morning baking projects from our kitchen to yours, enjoy.


 Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins


Of course the lemon poppy seed muffin is first on the list, where else would it go? A tried and true classic, this wake and bake veteran is simple, quick and satisfies any morning baked good craving.




Chocolate Croissants

Croissant (1 of 1)


Do I actually expect anyone to wake up in the morning and make fresh chocolate croissants? No. Do I wish I lived with a classically trained french baker who happens to be a morning person? Yes.


The Breakfast Pie



Ha! I bet you weren’t thinking about breakfast pies. These fully customizable hand pies are a necessary recipe for any wake and bake champion. Cooking anything else would be irrational.



Orange Cranberry Scones


What’s not to love here, buttery crumbling goodness with a little sugar frosting drizzled over top. Word to the wise, don’t overcook or you will end up with even worse dry mouth than you are already combatting.




Strawberry Yogurt Cake



You don’t like the word, I don’t like the word, but the word still has to be used. Moist. Ever so slightly crunchy exterior, moist smooth interior, creamy light fruity, this is it. I personally like to slice out a huge chunk and put it on a paper towel so it’s easier to take huge bites from instead of using a fork. To each their own.


 Coffee Cake 


How do they put coffee inside of cake? We may never know, but if you are trying to impress your friends with your sweet streusel skills, this recipe will definitely suffice. I have turned down many a breakfast baked good, but I am always a sucker for warm coffee cake.



Raspberry-Cocoa Nib Sugar Rolls

raspberry-sugar-rolls-2I am going to be honest with you here, I don’t really know what these are. I came across them while doing research for this blog and they looked like a modern rugelach. Give em a try, let me know how they turn out.




Look, if you aren’t baking your bacon yet, you are really missing out on a good morning pun session. That plus basic convenience, easy clean up, overall flavor and crispiness, aaannnndd you can cook it without pants on. Boom *drops mic*


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