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Food Feature: Thai Iced Tea

Much different from the traditional American brew, Thai iced tea is something completely unique yet familiar in taste. Its creamy and almost spicy flavors are original to Southeast Asia but also many American Thai restaurants as well. Imagine a spiced iced latte from a coffee shop – except swap out the coffee for tea. That’s […]

Netflix and Chef

Picture yourself on a Friday night after a long week at work; you’re ready for some couch time, accompanied by a delicious dinner (if you may say so yourself) for you and your beau. “What should we watch?” You ask. It’s entirely up to you, but be cautious – what you eat will totally impact how you feel […]

Creative Ways to Eat Healthy

Alright, here’s the skinny: eating healthy isn’t the easiest thing we’ve ever done. Especially while running a food app. Sometimes we’ll be like “YEAH, we’re surrounded by tons of foodspiration, we can totally eat clean and fresh!” And then someone posts something like this: We’re only human. But the thing is, healthy food does not […]

Your Go-To Cooking Playlist

Any food aficionado will probably attest to the beautiful soundtrack of the stove; sizzling bacon, steaming veggies, boiling pasta. It’s a musical of its own! That’s cool if you’re really into it, but for everyone else, real music while you cook is actually a thing, too. When I cook, I listen to the classical Spanish guitar pretty much exclusively. […]